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Payment Terms

  Our company accept the security payment including VISA card, MasterCard and Western Union, you will get 100% security protect to your payment.

1) Credit Card

  They are safe and easy ways to pay. Our payment service is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who use our website. Only necessary and relevant information is collected. Information collected usually includes some or all of the following: name, address, e-mail address, phone number, credit card number, expiration date and cardholder name, card issuing bank, country of card issuing bank.

2) Western Union

  It is the fastest and easiest payment method. Use your Credit Card or Debit Card to pay with Western Union. You can pay on Western Union Website: It just takes minutes to finish the payment. After you pay for your order, please kindly inform us your full name, MTCN (money transfer control number), exact amount, and your detailed shipping information.

NOTE: Why is my payment failed?

  Payment with credit card may fail due to the following reasons.

  1, Incorrect information. Wrong credit card number or password will lead to the failure of the payment. Please try to pay again and make sure the information is correct.

  2, Insufficient credit. Please check your account and make sure the funds are sufficient.

  3, Bank authorization and fraud prevention systems. The transaction may be blocked because the country of the Bank Identification Number does not match the country of the billing address, or the billing country and the country where the IP address is located don't match.

  4, Payment system Maintaining. We maintain our system regularly. The payment may be failed because of the maintenance. Please try again later.

  If you are having trouble making a payment via Credit Card, please try another payment method and pay it again. Also, you can contact us for more payment methods.